The exact steps involved in the video production process can vary depending on the project’s scope, budget, and other factors. However, most productions will typically follow this framework:

  • Pre-production – planning, preparations, creating a storyboard and finalising the shot list.
  • Production – the actual filming or recording takes place. This includes setting up the equipment, lighting, and sound, as well as capturing all of the footage.
  • Post-production – the raw footage is edited, with music, sound effects, and on-screen graphics being added to create a complete, polished end result.
  • Distribution – the channels through which the video reaches its intended audience. This could involve uploading the video to a video-sharing platform, such as YouTube, or broadcasting the video on television.

Visual Juju is a full-service video production company that will create high-quality, beautifully shot and engaging content to you in a ready-to-distribute state.

Absolutely! Alongside footage-based media, we have expertise in creating striking and entertaining animations that drive your point home. We have several explainers and product launch animations under our belt, so rest assured – we can animate memorable pieces that stand out and tell a story for your company.

Every project and client is different, but broadly speaking, you will likely be choosing between a footage-based film, a digital animation, or an instructional media solution. We’ll be happy to recommend an approach after we discuss what you’re trying to achieve with the video.

Video user manuals are instructional videos that provide users with information on how to use a product effectively. This gives the manufacturer the ability to show users how a product works in real-time, providing a clear and visually engaging explanation of how to use a product, and making it easier for users to understand complex concepts.

Visual Juju specialises in creating Video User Manuals that make your customers more successful users of your product.